It’s Year 2040

Hurricane Irma

Category-4 Hurricane "#Harvey-2040" had recently devastated the Houston area. Shutting down oil refineries along the coast and severely disrupting gas supplies in Texas and beyond. Gas shortages are made worse by folks filling up their cars in order to evacuate the area. After losing precious hours at gas stations, people are finally on the highways. It does not get any better. Drivers have grid-locked the highways and are sitting ducks as water levels rise. Flash floods sweep cars and families along with them. The devastation in the Houston area is massive - more than $300B in property damages and several hundreds lives lost (mostly on the highways).

Now (15 days later), Category-5 Hurricane "#Irma-2040" is laying waste to the Caribbean and threatening Florida. Gov. has given mandatory evacuation orders for Miami-Dade County. More than a million people are trying to evacuate the area. But the situation couldn't be much starker compared to Houston. Most of the cars in Florida are electric with a high degree of autonomy. The range of #electric-cars has more than doubled to 600 miles per charge. Folks pack up their fully charged cars and get on the highways. As soon as they are on the highways, they put their cars into "platoon" mode, ensuring a convoy like evacuation just past the Florida border.

Aftermath: Property damage is still great but loss of human life is minimal. #Self-driving electric cars have delivered on their promise when it was needed the most.

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